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angela floridis

Principle Teacher and Director


My background was ballet and dance which then lead me to join a gym and becoming a gym junkie. I soon became fatigued and felt depleted, and struggled with my health.


In 2001 I tried yoga with Wendy Samek, and I fell in love with Yoga. Since then, I started my journey at The Centre Om where Wendy was teaching, spending many years under her mentorship.


In 2008 I completed my extensive teaching training course based on the Iyengar teachings, with Wendy who's teacher was BKS Iyengar. I began to teach and my love grew stronger for Yoga, the philosophies, Ayurveda, health and nutrition which I continually study.


Yoga has helped me in all aspects of my life, it has helped me love and nurture myself and become clear about who I am and what my passion is.


Now I am passionate about helping other people love and nurture themselves and to help them understand their bodies and their inner connections. 


Angela is a certified Yoga Teacher by Yoga Australia.


"With my deep respect and love to my teacher Wendy, for all your guidance, your teachings and for always being my light. you are my inspiration".

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