"my ending should be your beginning"

B.K.S. Iyengar 


The emphasis is on detail, precision, alignment and breath control "pranayama". We use props such as bricks, belts, bolsters, chairs, ropes and blankets to help assist the student to move into the asanas properly and to accommodate injuries, tightness and imbalances.


Asanas are held longer and there is diversity in the practice, different sequences help improve injuries, improve health and prevent overuse. 


Yoga asanas with the aid of WALL ROPES. The word Kurunta means puppet in Sanskrit (ancient Indian), using the wall ropes, we become like puppets suspended in ropes.



Dr Geeta S. Iyengar refers to ropes: "for the physical benefit of our practice with the deeper philosophical meaning of using the yogic practice to progression on the path of freedom from bondage"


This is one of the most therapeutic yoga practices. It is a great way to open the body and release tension in the spine and pelvis. All major muscle groups are stretched and strengthened and has lengthening and relaxing effects on the body and nervous system.


Yoga Kurunta is supportive, beneficial and restorative for all levels and ages.


Restorative Yoga is helpful when recovering for illness and injuries, also in those days when feeling weak, fatigued, or stressed from daily routines.


This yoga is focused on restorative poses, supported by props to assist and for a deep relaxation of the body and the mind.



balances the nervous system

boosts the immune system

stills the mind

increases flexibility

INTRO COURSE for beginners

The course consists of 8 classes taught every week at 6 pm for 1 hour.


The course is carefully designed for people who haven't practised yoga before, for those who have experience but not familiar with practicing with props. 


The course is an introduction of the basic poses, postures and props, including alignment and breath awareness. Each class ends with deep relaxation/meditation.


Participation is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness and flexibility.


All mats and props are supplied by the studio.


Fee: $140 AUD. Full payment and registration is required to reserve your place. 


For any enquiries please contact Angela: 0402 366 079.


*maximum of 10 participants and booking is required.


Please note: 

Courses are not transferable to another person after the course has commenced. 


There are no discounts for being unable to attend a particular week. If you cannot attend a class, a makeup class will be allowed in an ongoing class at the studio.


Refund policy:

Refund in full less 5% if you cancel by 5 days prior to the event.

Refund in full if for some reason we need to cancel the course.


* A minimum enrollment of 5 people is required to run the course. Please share with your friends.

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