KidsYoga teacher and founder of TheYogaLeague KidsYoga methodology.


Her background is Business design and her passion about working with kids, Gymnastics and Yoga; led her to follow her dreams and start her own business. 


Paulina has being teaching KidsYoga for 4 years, and she has practiced yoga for more than 10.


Paulina is mum of 2, Violeta who is 7 and Maxi who is 8. Both love to come to Yoga! 



Pilates teacher, passionate about the original Pilates matwork series.


A dancer in her youth, Bron started practicing Pilates and yoga to continue her love of movement, maintaining fitness and flexibility without the harsh training schedule!


Now a mother of two daughters, Bron completed her Pilates instructor training in 2018 and is loving sharing the method with her students (and occasionally her daughters!).



Adults yoga teacher inspired by the Iyengar Lineage.


Angela has being teaching for more than 10 years and practicing yoga for more than 20.


Angela loves to teach our students, she is very passionate about yoga and helping people love and nurture themselves, to understand their bodies and have awareness about proper alignment. Not only during the classes but for their daily life.


"How you do Yoga is how you do Life"



YIN yoga teacher.


Belle started her yoga journey in 1999 and started teaching Vinyasa, Yin & Children’s Yoga from 2015. 


She is a qualified Early Childhood Educator and has taught in schools for 17 years.


Belle will guide you through a restorative Yin Yoga class every Tuesday at 6 pm. She includes meditation, mindfulness and yogic philosophy into her classes. 


"I believe Yoga is accessible for everyone and I adore guiding others through a practice that deepens their sense of awareness so they can live a more harmonious life."



Adults yoga teacher inspired by the Iyengar Lineage.


She commenced practicing yoga in 2000 with Wendy Samek and started teaching in 2008.


Lisa teaches our Monday 6 pm class.



KidsYoga teacher, has a long background of Nursing & Nannying.


Kimberley is a Mum, a Registered Nurse and a natural advocate for Mental Health.


She is very passionate about starting a career teaching KidsYoga as she believes we all have an inner child to nourish from a young age.


Practising Yoga since 2008, has studied Reiki and is driven by balance & health in all realms. Kimberley wants to encourage her students to love themselves and to have fun whilst connecting through the world of imagination.